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Freedom Rally kicks off the 2022 election year with a Live Facebook event. We will be going over the highlightes of 2021, our amazing supporters, and talk about upcoming events and rallies.
Join us live on Facebook Friday, January 7 at 6pm.


Are you ready for the new year?



We have officially dropped our first round of Facebook inspired merchandise on our FRUSA Merch Store.

We have everything from tshirts, hoodies, tote bags, and even masks.  

Check it out now and enjoy this one day only sale.  10% off your entire order.  December 16 ONLY!!!

Visit the store today



We have less than 48 hours left of the Freedom Rally Black Friday sale on our new merchandise store. We have 5 different designs in various sizes and colors. Merchandise includes phone cases, t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and more.
We are offering 10% off your order until midnight Monday evening. Use promo code: BLKFRI21 at check out to receive 10% off your entire order.


In the wake of all our freedoms being attacked, Freedom Rally USA is determined to unite the Freedom Movement nationwide allowing all of us to come together to fight back against this tyrannical government. Utilizing each other’s resources so patriots like yourself can fight back and answer our call to action.

Register Here



Over 1,500 patriots attended 2 events in 24 hours over the weekend of Freedom.  

Check out more photos from the weekend here




Eventbrite has decided that Freedom Loving Patriots are not welcome on their platform.

They took down our event, refunded everyone's tickets, and told us to pack it up and go home. All because our event "violates their community guidelines".

We did not Promote Illegal or Inappropriate Activities.
We did not Post Hateful/Dangerous Content, or Events By Hateful/Dangerous Organizations.
We did not Post Harmful or Illegal Content.
We did not Resell Tickets, Engage in Prohibited Sales or Advertising.
We did not collect children’s data without parental consent.
We did not Interfere with the Eventbrite Services.
We did not Infringe on the Intellectual Property Rights of Others.
We did not Invade the Privacy of Others.
We did not Post Explicit Content.

We did not violate any terms of agreement or community standards.

But that doesn't matter.
All that matters is that Eventbrite decided that we "share or promote potentially harmful misinformation" - The Ministry of Truth strikes again.

We will be reaching out to every person who bought a ticket - you should be receiving a refund via Eventbrite.
Tickets will be available for $20 at the door across the board.
No tickets in advance.
Children 12 & Under are Free.

Make no mistake. The show will go on.
Friday, September 17th from 4-10pm.
Round the Bend, 30801 E Park HWY, Ashland, NE 68003.
You can't cancel freedom.

We will never stop fighting for freedom.
We will never stop fighting for YOU.
Now more than ever we need you to fight alongside us.


I am so excited to announce Freedom Rally USA will be sponsoring the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association annual meeting this year. This event will take place on Saturday, August 28 at the Heartland Public Shooting Park from 9am - 530pm.  

Learn More


Sign up to volunteer to help with Freedom Festival '21.


Join Freedom Rally USA on the steps of the Nebraska State Capitol on Saturday, August 7 from 12pm - 2pm for another Saving America Freedom Rally. We can no longer depend on others to save our country, it's up to us. Join us and help Take Back America.

Join Us



Since the controversial election of Joe Biden, the attacks on many of our freedoms has been non-stop.  One freedom that seems to be continually attacked is our 2nd Amendment.  It seems as each new president takes office, the left seems to want to make it harder and harder for law abiding citizens to obtain a firearm.  What seems more coincidental is the amount of shootings we have seen since the current administration has taken office.

We know the Democratic Party will do whatever they can to make it nearly impossible to purchase a firearm, and will impose strict regulations for those who already own firearms.  During the 2020 election we saw Democratic candidates such as Beto O'Rourke threaten to walk into our homes and take our guns, and the current administration is not far off. 

Freedom Rally USA supports our second amendment and the right to protect ourselves, our homes, and our families.  Over 80 counties in Nebraska feel the same and have declared themselves 2nd amendment sanctuary counties.  On June 8, 2021 Sarpy County joined that list.  With just a few more counties to go, FRUSA will continue to fight until every county in Nebraska joins the list and protects our right to protect ourselves.  The 2nd amendment is our last line of defense.  

Join Freedom Rally USA today and join the fight to make every county in Nebraska a 2nd amendment sanctuary county.



This week was an important week for Freedom Rally USA.  Thanks to supporters like you, we were able to officially file our paperwork to make FRUSA an official 501c3 non-profit organization.  This has been something we have had in the works for over 6 months.  With all of your generous donations, this was possible.  Though we may have filed, Freedom Rally has only just begun. 

In the next few months will begin seeing FRUSA travel outside of our comfort zone of Lincoln and Omaha.  Next month we will be traveling to Papillion into Sarpy County and in the following months you will see us head west to Kearney, NE and north up into Sioux Falls, SD. 

The Republican elite has their hands throughout the party, and FRUSA will do it’s part to educate the voters and promote the America First agenda.  We all have seen the amazing effects this agenda had on all Americans, and we know this prosperity can and will continue.

As we expand the organization we will continue to need your support.  You can do this by sharing our movement with your friends and family.  Simply share our posts, email blasts, private messages, showing up at our rallies and events, and donate by visiting

Each day we continue to grow and energize more patriots. 

I want to thank each and every one of your for your continued support.  Without you none of this is possible.  Together we can Take America Back.

Tim Davis

Freedom Rally USA 

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