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Saturday, August 7, 2021 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM 1445 K St Lincoln, NE 68508

Saving America Freedom Rally

The hits to our freedoms just keep coming. During Biden's short time in office, he and his administration have brought forth a full on attack on nearly every liberty that makes this country great.
Illegal immigration is still out of control. Their open border policy has lead to an increase in human trafficking and children being left at the border. American pipelines have been shut down, while the Biden Administration supports foreign pipelines ran by Putin and Russia, yet we were the ones in the pocket of Putin. Continued shootings across the country has lead to additional attacks on our second amendment.
Join Freedom Rally USA on the steps of the Nebraska State Capitol on Saturday, August 7 from 12pm - 2pm for another Saving America Freedom Rally. We can no longer depend on others to save our country, it's up to us. Join us and help Take Back America.
This is a peaceful rally. We ask that you do not engage with any counter protestors. We want to keep this as fun and safe as possible

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